Your Customers Are Looking For You Online……Are You There?

Many business Owners still cling to certain “Yellow” books to place an ad in with hopes of driving Customers to their local businesses.  However, many if not most of their Customers are no longer using these “yellow” books.  Smart phones are the new rage!  Many of your Customers would rather look up a local business by using their new smart phone.  Most smart phones are hand-held computers capable of giving your Customers quick information on your business such as your address, phone number, coupons, and directions on how to get to your store.

The unfortunate part of this technology is that many business owners still do not realize the importance of Google, Yahoo and Bing local pages.  These pages are the new “yellow” books.  Your Customers will look for your business on these local pages.  For example,  If I were looking for pizza in the town I live in, I would not get a physical book to look up a pizza place.  I would just get on my computer, (maybe even my cellphone) look up “pizza” in Google, Yahoo or Bing and pick a pizza place out of the results.  Would I find your Company listed in Google, Yahoo or Bing if I did a search for the product or service you offer in your area?  This is where your Customers go.  You need to be there!  Your presence is now mandatory because that is where your Customers are!

Many business Owners do not understand how to get in front of their Customers on the internet.  That is our job.  We can show you how to effectively position your company to meet your Customers as they are searching for you.  Don’t miss out on attracting Customers to your business because you do not understand technology.  Make sure to be where your Customers are.


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