Who Else Uses Video Marketing?

Many small business Owners are finding video marketing  to be an incredible source for attracting  more Customers to their businesses.  It’s no longer the large company only club.  Creating a presence online is mandatory in today’s marketplace especially if you want an edge over your competition.

Banner ads and pop up ads are loosing their popularity with Business Owners.  This is due to the fact that video marketing allows a personal connection with Customers that pop up ads and banner ads just do not have.  Not to mention that pop up ads can be annoying to people.

Customers love videos.  As a matter of fact, so does Google.  YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube is the largest video site on the planet.   Therefore, using video marketing can have a positive effect on your marketing.

Videos can help the Business Owner build trust with his Customers.  When the Customer trusts and likes the Business Owner, they will be much more likely to purchase from the Business Owner.  Maybe you should be the next Person to try video marketing.  You might just find that your Customers will like you, trust you and are ready to buy from you!


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