Why Email and Text Messaging are Critical to Building Your Client Base…..

Online browsing and online activities in general have changed dramatically in the last two years.  Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Foursquare have grown by leaps and bounds as people are logging on in droves.  Face Book is now equal to the third largest country in population if it were indeed a county.   Making sure you get in front of these incredibly sizeable audiences is not a bad idea at all.  However, email marketing and text message marketing are not to be ignored.

Did you know that almost 95% of all text messages get opened?  That is an incredible number.  Just imagine that you sent out 1,000 pieces of mail directly to your Customer’s houses.  Do you think 950 of them would open your letter?  I can tell you with experience to back it up that no, 950 people will not open your letters.  As a matter of fact, most direct marketers would be happy with a 3% response rate.  That would only be 30 people in our example.  Imagine now that you send 1.000 text messages out to your clients with a compelling message and maybe a coupon.  On average, 950 people will open that text.  That is incredible isn’t it?

Although email has been abused and overused over the years by marketers, emails still have a 30% open rate on average.  If you send out 1,000 emails to your customers, around 300 or more would open the email.   Still better than snail mail right?

Make sure to utilize both text message marketing and email marketing in your business.  Your business bank account will thank you.


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